Driving tips: A bend in the road is not an end of the road unless you drive rashly…


Driving tips for hills

Driving tips for hills – a little care while hilly driving, can double the road trip fun.

Undoubtedly, road trips are fun. With certain precautions, the joy of road trip gets doubled.

XUV on Chakrata roads
Thrill to drive on hill….
Driving a Duster near Dalhousie, rented from Revv
Be responsible, drive safely.

Following are a few tips which will help you in enjoying your hilly road trip to the fullest.


  • Know your route, at least know the major towns on your way. For every three hours of travel on hills, add 30-60 mins extra time for travel to account for clicking pics, mountain sickness, or tea/lunch break. Don’t believe Google maps blindly.
  • Going uphill keep revv range from 2000-2500 rpm, the sweet spot, for easy climbing. Don’t change gears while overtaking or climbing on uphill turns. Downshift the gear to get enough torque beforehand.
  • Fill up gas when tank shows half-empty mark as fuel stations are less in number on hills and usually, they close early.
  • Carry enough cash as ATMs are scarce or usually out of cash.
  • Check tyres before leaving for the hilly trip. If the Tyre tread is less, replace it first. Bald tyres lose grip on gravel or in muddy swamps, leading to skidding.
  • Drive-in your lane always.
  • Give the right of way to the vehicles going uphill.
  • Check the weather before leaving for hills and carry woolens and rainy gear accordingly.
  • Check wipers. It is advisable to carry an extra set always.
  • Always carry a towing cable in your car for unforeseen circumstances.
  • While getting down for clicking pics, avoid parking your car on turns or where the road is narrow.
  • If feeling fatigued, take a break. Have tea, wash your face, or take a power nap, if needed.


  • Never drink and drive.
  • Avoid driving on hills during monsoons as the chances of landslides are high. If driving during monsoons is unavoidable, keep an eye on falling rocks and stones, especially where there is water cascading on the hilly side.
  • Never overtake on bends and turns.
  • Don’t take your eyes off the road to enjoy the view while driving. Stop and park your car safely before enjoying the view.
  • Don’t park too close on an uphill road as chances of rollback by a car parked ahead is high.

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