A Romance with Black…


Black – An Enigma & Epiphany

B l a c k is elegance

B l a c k is secret

B l a c k is a statement

B l a c k is an emotion


B l a c k is Moody

This color absorbs and reflects the energy in the room. If the ambience is cheerful, the person wearing it absorbs that energy and reflects it. On the contrary, if the mood is gloomy, the same is absorbed and reflected.

Always, for an interview, I wear black, without fail. It makes me feel good from within. I can feel that energy effervescence inside me. The internal emotional turmoil is real. Somehow, this gives me a newfound confidence. Whatever may be the interview result, I am truly myself when wrapped in black. The connection with this color is real, though indescribable.

My zodiac sign Scorpio is also associated with the mystery, occult, and discovering the unfathomable. So, black kind of blends with my zodiac. Perhaps, that’s why the connect seems so natural, uncanny yet strong.

B l a c k is Mystery

It symbolizes with mystery, secret, power, control, elegance, charm, sophistication, eloquence, grief, bleakness, heaviness, depression, rebellion, fear, pain, and dynamism. It exudes real vibes. It represents individuality, wisdom, and social rebellion; it is the color of those who resist established norms and values.

Some of my favourite pics have a shade of Black. No wonder, I share a peaceful relationship with it.

B l a c k is Premium

Black is associated with glitz, finesse, and luxury. When a new brand uses it as its primary brand colour, it is interpreted as a profound communication signal. It is an intense colour that can engage with the human mind more efficiently than any other colour. It has a plethora of emotions woven into it and becomes the ideal choice for looking iconic.

It is not just a colour.

It is an Enigma and Epiphany.

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  1. wow…what a story and inspiration behind a color which normally no one notice neither observe the experience…..absolutely great

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