Dhosi Hill – a day trip from Gurgaon

Dhosi Hill

Dhosi Hill

I had always wanted to go trekking to Dhosi Hill because it was a relatively unknown destination close to Delhi that could be covered in a day. My desire to explore Dhosi grew stronger after learning that it is an extinct volcano. Moreover, it was hardly a 150-kilometers one-way trip from Delhi along the Delhi-Jaipur National Highway.

Drive through Gurgaon underpass…On the way to Dhosi Hill

Dhosi Hill is about 8 kilometers from Narnaul on the south Haryana and north Rajasthan border, at the northwest end of the Aravali mountain range. Dhosi Hill is a dormant volcano that has not erupted in the last two million years. However, solidified lava can still be seen on one side of the hill.

View from Dhosi Hill

Dhosi Hill-Drive

At 07.00 hrs, as we started from Gurgaon, the air was smoggy, and the visibility was less than usual. The sun, too, was still in its slumber. It took me more than an hour and 70 km of highway drive to navigate through the morning traffic, jostling for space on-road, and then I got the first whiff of fresh air.

Dhosi Trip under 1 minute!

However, once I got off the main highway and took the countryside road towards Narnaul, though the road quality deteriorated, the air got fresher, the sun shone brighter, the scenery got greener, and the sky turned blue from the perpetual grey.

We reached the dusty lanes of Dhosi Hill base by 11.30 am. Though I expected it to be an unexplored area, I had no idea it would be so remote. There were no shops, no guards, no entry ticket, no street vendors, or the general public. Instead, the entire hillock was available solely to us.

The Trek

Dhosi Hill Trek starting
Dhosi Hill Trek Starting…

For a city dweller like me, the trek was a daunting task. The stairway was broken and uneven. It was an arduous climb, and it took me double the water quota and triple the break time to reach the summit. But, as they say, ‘The best view comes after the hardest climb,’ the view from the top of the cliff was spectacular. I could even spot my car parked in the village from the top of the hill.

Dhosi Hill - view
From Dhosi Hill – car spotted

40’s is the new 60’s!!  

So, when I say summit, I mean around 500m of a trek uphill. That is all I could muster to do at Dhosi. With Sun shining brighter against my receding hairline, sucking every joule of energy from my body, each step on that uneven and broken staircase was a victory in itself. My lungs worked overtime. They puffed, they whooshed, they gasped for each ounce of fresh air. My heart pounded vigorously, and I felt as if it would literally come out. But, despite my best efforts, I gave up midway. Every step I took was a tussle in itself.

Dhosi Hill Climb
Dhosi Hill – Broken and uneven staircases

I walked away from Dhosi Hill with clearer lungs, but a heavy heart.

A drive to Dhosi Hill…

By the way, my breath had almost left me, but my Airtel signal remained faithful to my cell phone. Throughout the trek, the signal was a constant companion to the cell phone. Their bonding seemed stronger this time.

Dhosi Hill - stunning scenery
View from Dhosi Hill

The Drive Back to Gurgaon

We left around 15.00 hrs, and as we approached the entry ramp to the Jaipur-Delhi National highway, the clamor of modern life greeted us with a cacophony of noise. 

The drive back home was unadventurous. With a late lunch break at Mannat dhaba, we reached home by 19.00 hrs.

Mannat Dhaba, NH-8
Hot meal after an exhausting trek… awesome!

Overall, an exciting day that made me realize that age is NOT just a number. It’s a subtle sign that what the mind demands, the body doesn’t always follow.

I rest my case.

Sunset on the highway
Sunset on the highway!


Overall, a fantastic location close to Gurgaon that can be easily covered in a day. Of course, the trek requires a good fitness level, but people like me can be satisfied with a great view after half a kilometer of hiking.

Dhosi Hill - midway
Dhosi Hill – I’m officially 40 now!

The weather at Dhosi Hill can be extreme in the summer, so prefer to visit during winters. Carry water and other snacks since there are no vendors, but please carry all trash back.

Leave only footprints; take only photographs!

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