Driving in rains..some useful tips!


Tips for driving in rains in India…

driving in rains
Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway

  driving in rains

  • If driving in a puddle of water, downshift the gear (as you may need extra torque) and try keeping Engine Revv in 2000-2500 rpm.
  • Slow down, avoid speeding as the car may hydroplane.

When car wheels rotate in a pool of water, the front tyres displace water in front of them while moving. If water is more, it is not properly displaced by tyres. Hence, instead of driving on road, the tyres glide over the water. This leads to less traction and thus the car may skid when brakes are applied. This is called Hydroplaning.

driving in rains
Gurgaon City after rains!
  • Try driving in Tyre tracks left by cars in front of you.
  • Keep more distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. Avoid heavy braking.
  • Concrete roads are more slippery after rains. Concrete Highways like Yamuna Expressway are prone to more accidents after rains, so drive slowly and cautiously.
  • The safest bet is to drive in the middle lane as stagnant water settles on either side of the road/divider. Moreover, the left lane will have traffic exiting or joining in.
  • Two suggestions if the wipers are out of service on a rainy night:

        a) Buy a few cigarettes and rub its tobacco on the windshield. Water won’t stop on the windshield.
        b) Follow bus/truck driving at moderate speed with working rear lights. If possible, explain your situation to the driver. Most of them will drive more responsibly and guide you to your destination.

  • Check wipers. It is advisable to carry an extra set always.
  • Avoid driving on cruise control.
  • Always switch on the headlights.
  • If the windscreen gets foggy from the inside, switch AC ON and direct the airflow towards the windscreen.

Driving tips for hills:

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