The Lizard Brain…


The lizard brain seeks constant reassurance. It will wheedle and argue and debate with the rest of your head, pushing for one tiny bit of evidence, some sort of proof that everything will be okay.

Don’t do it.

The Lizard Brain
The Lizard Brain

When you indulge the lizard, it gains power. It doesn’t walk away ashamed, humiliated at its anxiety. Instead, it merely sidesteps and looks for the next thing to worry about, because, ready for this? 

It’s nice to be reassured.

Developing the reassurance habit is easy to do and hard to kick. The problem is this: there are some ventures where no reassurance is possible. There is important work for you to do where no proof is available.

If you’ve trained the lizard brain that reassurance is forthcoming, it will scream even louder when those projects that don’t come with proof are at hand.

Lizard Brain Psychosis
Brain Psychosis

-Seth Godin (writer of The Lizard Brain)

Seth Godin writes a brilliant post today about our continual need for a reassurance and how it can be harmful and energy sapping. 

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