One Epic Road Trip Across Canada And The USA

Canada: Prelude How long does it take to travel from India to Canada? A direct flight takes around 16 hrs; a break journey takes about 24 hrs. A journey by ship takes 2-3 months. Even this looks reasonable. Can you believe it? It took us more than six years to plan and visit Canada. Earlier, […]

Ranikhet hotel view

Lovely Road Tripping to Ranikhet – in the Lap of Nature

Ranikhet is a beautiful hill station and cantonment town in Almora district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Mumbai Delhi Expressway

An amazing drive on Mumbai Delhi Expressway

An amazing drive on Mumbai Delhi Expressway

Uttarakhand – 3 Stunning destinations

Stunning destinations in Uttarakhand for tourist, travelers & trekkers Uttarakhand is lovely … for tourist, traveler or trekker. Being Tourist is hard. Going as a Traveler is harder. Enjoying as a Trekker is the hardest. Three Uttarakhand destinations below will help you identify and relate to your ‘hard’ choice. So, choose your ‘hard-boots’ wisely. 1. […]

Marina Beach, Chennai

Chennai in 100 hours

Chennai is famous for Marina Beach. Marina beach Chennai along the Bay of Bengal, is India’s longest beach.

Gulmarg Gandola

Kashmir – The stunning beauty of heaven on Earth

Kashmir was a fantastic trip as we saw the gushing Lidder river and meadows at Pahalgam, the polar-white snow at Gulmarg, and the placid Dal Lake at Srinagar, met some lovely local people, enjoyed Kashmiri delicacies, and had a pleasant time with friends.

Kashmir – you were awesome!

Mighty Chanshal Pass – A breathtaking trip to heaven touching mountain

A lovely drive to Rohru, Chanshal Pass and Chakrata in October 2022 with friends.

Diu beach

The fascinating Golden sand beaches of Diu, a lovely experience

DIU has amazing clean unexplored beaches. Diu is a beautiful place and a perfect place to stay over a long relaxing weekend.


A Romance with Black…

Black feels sophisticated, classic and serious. It evokes power, luxury, elegance, mystery. A romance with Black is an Enigma and Epiphany.

Dhosi Hill

Dhosi Hill – a day trip from Gurgaon

Dhosi Hill is a dormant volcano in the Aravalli Hills near Gurgaon and Delhi. Dhosi Hill is an ideal location for a day trip or a short trek.

A December in Dhaka – Bangladesh Liberation War, 1971

India’s involvement in Bangladesh Liberation War – India and Pakistan fought war in 1971, with India soon securing an independent Bangladesh.

Operation Meghdoot (1984) – How India Captured Siachen?

Operation Meghdoot 1984 was a watershed moment in Indian history. This year saw a slew of events that altered the course of Indian history. Operation Bluestar at Golden Temple, Amritsar Indian PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi assassinated Anti-Sikh riots Bhopal Gas Tragedy Everyone has heard about the above events. What people might not have heard is […]

My 5 most favorite places in the United States? – Part 1

My top five favorite tourist attractions and places to see in the United States, though they are not most popular ones in the United States.

Before Trek accident

Trek Accident: My jaw-dropping experience of almost drowning in a raging river!

Trek can be dangerous at times. Due to an inadvertent error, I fell into the raging Lidder river of Pahalgam while trekking.

WFH - Makeshift office

WFH – Readjusted to the New Normal.

WFH – My experiences of working from home during the lockdown days at Gurgaon.

Environment and Sustainability

Environment, Pollution and Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is defined as responsible interaction with the environment to avoid degradation of natural resources.

My Next Life by Woody Allen

In my next life I want to live it backwards. Life can only be understood backward; but it must be lived forward. – Woody Allen

The Lizard Brain…

The lizard is a physical part of your brain. The lizard brain controls the body’s vital functions like heart rate, breathing & temperature.

It pains… and hurts…excruciatingly!

It Pains excruciatingly when someone close to us back stabs – the pain is unbearable – remembrance of those agonizing moments hurts.