Before Trek accident

Trek Accident: My jaw-dropping experience of almost drowning in a raging river!

Trek can be dangerous at times. Due to an inadvertent error, I fell into the raging Lidder river of Pahalgam while trekking.

WFH - Makeshift office

WFH – Readjusted to the New Normal.

WFH – My experiences of working from home during the lockdown days at Gurgaon.

Environment and Sustainability

Environment, Pollution and Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is defined as responsible interaction with the environment to avoid degradation of natural resources.

My Next Life by Woody Allen

In my next life I want to live it backwards. Life can only be understood backward; but it must be lived forward. – Woody Allen

The Lizard Brain…

The lizard is a physical part of your brain. The lizard brain controls the body’s vital functions like heart rate, breathing & temperature.

It pains… and hurts…excruciatingly!

It Pains excruciatingly when someone close to us back stabs – the pain is unbearable – remembrance of those agonizing moments hurts.

Holisticstay - clouds and nature

HolisticStay – Looking for an amazing and relaxing vacation? Look no further!

HolisticStay, a relaxing and comfortable property nestled quietly on mountains in Kerala, overlooking breathtaking views.

Tiger Falls – The best attraction of Chakrata!

Chakrata is one of the most beautiful and unexplored places in Uttarakhand, and Tiger falls is Numero Uno attraction of this sleepy town.

Mukteshwar – What makes driving here, an interesting escape?

A perfect long weekend drive from Delhi Gurgaon to Mukteshwar via Moradabad – Kaladhungi and Nainital.

Kareri Lake Trek video

Why is Kareri lake trek is a paradise for trekkers in Dharamshala, Himachal? For Kareri Lake trek details, click here.

Drive to Mukteshwar

Absolutely relaxing drive, an escape to serene Mukteshwar

Relaxing drive to Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand – Road conditions 2021 Absolutely relaxing drive, an escape to serene Mukteshwar

Super Cars (Scars) of my life

CARS: “Strange is the Bond between Man and a Machine, a rare form of Love, inscrutable yet true” Cars: It has already been more than 22 years… more than my total work experience, more than the years of my marriage, more than the years I’ve spent struggling with books and education… more than anything else […]

5 days vacations in Meghalaya – Part 2

Amazing itinerary of Meghalaya trip during monsoons.

Uttarakhand – 3 Stunning destinations

Stunning destinations in Uttarakhand for tourist, travelers & trekkers Uttarakhand is lovely … for tourist, traveler or trekker. Being Tourist is hard. Going as a Traveler is harder. Enjoying as a Trekker is the hardest. Three Uttarakhand destinations below will help you identify and relate to your ‘hard’ choice. So, choose your ‘hard-boots’ wisely. 1. […]

Fantastic 5 Days vacations in lovely Meghalaya – Part 1

5 days itinerary for beautiful Meghalaya

A Roar of Behror – Anantara Farmhouse!

Anantara Homes – at a stone’s throw away from Delhi Gurgaon, is perfect for a weekend trip, a home away from home.

Nainital – What places to see – major attractions in 3 days?

Nainital attractions… Nainital  –   This name throws a plethora of memories.  It holds a special place in my heart. Since I have visited Nainital more than 14 times, I thought writing a blog on Nainital attractions would be pretty easy, a cakewalk. Never had I thought that it would be the most difficult one […]

Amazingly stunning attractions of Chakrata in 2 days

Itinerary of Delhi – Chakrata – Delhi trip in two days by road.

The relaxed and laid-back life…Coonoor!

Coonoor – Ooty 5 days itinerary from Delhi

The twirl of travel – Tattapani – Naldhera – Mashobra (2019)

The offbeat destinations: Tattapani – Naldhera – Mashobra Being a born Scorpio, ‘I desire’ is my zodiac motto. I desire to see, to explore, the charms offered by nature. Also, I love the path which is relatively unexplored. I love the road circuits which are treacherous and rarely visited. Ever since I made my travel […]