Tiger Falls – The best attraction of Chakrata!


Tiger Falls Location

Tiger falls is located around 20 km from Chakrata on the road to Lakha Mandal in Uttarakhand. One should prefer personal vehicles as public transport is very limited.

There is parking available from where one can trek to the falls. It is about 1 km of a paved trek, down the hill. Alternatively, one can pay Rs 20 per person and can drive down a broken road further, which ends almost 100 m before the falls. The road is totally broken, narrow, and needs the expertise to drive.

Tiger Falls, Chakrata

You can visit this link for more information on Tiger Waterfalls.

Undoubtedly, Chakrata is one of the most beautiful and unexplored places in Uttarakhand, with this waterfall as Numero Uno attraction of this sleepy town.

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  1. Tiger fall is one of the best falls I have seen in my life. There is so much force given the height from which it falls below.

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