You are the way you park your car


“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

– Lao Tzu

Driving is fun, but improper car parking is a pain, for others. The way you park your car, screams a lot about your personality.

Various Parking Personalities:

  • Bang in the middle of a road/alley – Perhaps you own a car with plenty of scratches to display, just like a warrior showcases his battle scars. You’re proud of your achievements and want to show your might to the world. You are not afraid to pick up a petty fight, care a damn about others, and are okay if your careless act causes a traffic jam or an accident. Totally narcissist.  
  • The Perfect Parking – Tyres straight, impeccably inside the yellow parking box, handbrakes up, straight parked car – You are rule-abiding, emphatic, God-fearing, a typical ‘aam aadmi’. Usually, you’re the one whose car is most shining in the parking lot, and kids enjoy scratching its surface with keys to make it battle-ready. They know you won’t raise a voice.
  • Usually Inside the yellow box, but tyres are turned outwards or inwards, and the car is not parked straight – Usually, you’re an easy-going type aam-aadmi too, with occasional adrenaline gush in your veins and a ‘chalta-hai’ attitude. 
  • Angular parking on the road/alley – The nastiest ones are those who own a long sedan and then park it at an angle on the main road. While the boot’s belly shamelessly dances on the street, the spectators take a detour & curse while crossing the car. Owners of such vehicles usually have quick work in nearby shops and instantly apologize with a smile if they are honked at. Typical ‘chalta purza’.
  • Parked under the No Parking sign – They park right under the “NO PARKING” sign as this space is usually available. These guys are risk-takers. All or Nothing seems to be their mantra – Radically Ambitious.
  • Sitting in the car while stopping next to a parked vehicle on the road – These are the confused lot. They don’t dare to park it on the road as they fear it might get towed away, but they won’t park it properly either. Usually, these are people who are waiting for someone to arrive. Upon reprimanding them for stopping on the road, they’d purposely move at a snail’s pace and, when lambasted again, will move only by a few inches. 
  • Occupying two parking slots – Utterly Careless – When an empty slot(s) is noticed, they park the car without checking how it is parked? These are the same people who drive in two lanes simultaneously. Perhaps the white striped line on the road helps them keep the car running straight.

Please Park your vehicles sensibly. It doesn’t cost a dime, but it says a lot about your demeanor in life.

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