It pains… and hurts…excruciatingly!


It pains… excruciatingly!

What is pain? A feeling which stings your heart when you remember a moment of your life that did not go well. Mere remembrance of those moments playing live again in your head reminds you of the constant stigma associated with it.

It is then when you feel a knife being thrust into your heart and then twisted once, twice, thrice…till the time this memory plays in your mind. It pains even more when you know the one doing this is the one you love. Your love for this person makes you bear all this with a smile on your lips and a cry in your heart.

Why do we endure all this knowingly? Why don’t we just repay it in the same coin…I will tell you why… because you don’t want to lose the person…you always care enough to think how would they feel if you reacted in the same fashion… these people run relation with their brain and not with the heart.

They always win the arguments, manipulate, dominate the situation and get what they desire, often leaving the other person dejected. It is not that the other person is naïve or cannot decipher the uncanny moves, but the love for this person is more than the games being played on him.

Time doesn’t heal everything.

Does it?

Reminds me of a popular Ghazal from Jagjit Singh

“Dost ban ban-ke mile, mujhko mitane waale”,

“Maine dekhte hain kai, rang badalne waale”

It pains, but hope flickers
It pains… but hope flickers!

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