Super Cars (Scars) of my life

CARS: “Strange is the Bond between Man and a Machine, a rare form of Love, inscrutable yet true” Cars: It has already been more than 22 years… more than my total work experience, more than the years of my marriage, more than the years I’ve spent struggling with books and education… more than anything else […]

5 days vacations in Meghalaya – Part 2

Amazing itinerary of Meghalaya trip during monsoons.

Uttarakhand – 3 Stunning destinations

Stunning destinations in Uttarakhand for tourist, travelers & trekkers Uttarakhand is lovely … for tourist, traveler or trekker. Being Tourist is hard. Going as a Traveler is harder. Enjoying as a Trekker is the hardest. Three Uttarakhand destinations below will help you identify and relate to your ‘hard’ choice. So, choose your ‘hard-boots’ wisely. 1. […]

Fantastic 5 Days vacations in lovely Meghalaya – Part 1

5 days itinerary for beautiful Meghalaya

A Roar of Behror – Anantara Farmhouse!

Anantara Homes – at a stone’s throw away from Delhi Gurgaon, is perfect for a weekend trip, a home away from home.

Nainital – What places to see – major attractions in 3 days?

Nainital attractions… Nainital  –   This name throws a plethora of memories.  It holds a special place in my heart. Since I have visited Nainital more than 14 times, I thought writing a blog on Nainital attractions would be pretty easy, a cakewalk. Never had I thought that it would be the most difficult one […]

Amazingly stunning attractions of Chakrata in 2 days

Itinerary of Delhi – Chakrata – Delhi trip in two days by road.

The relaxed and laid-back life…Coonoor!

Coonoor – Ooty 5 days itinerary from Delhi

The twirl of travel – Tattapani – Naldhera – Mashobra (2019)

The offbeat destinations: Tattapani – Naldhera – Mashobra Being a born Scorpio, ‘I desire’ is my zodiac motto. I desire to see, to explore, the charms offered by nature. Also, I love the path which is relatively unexplored. I love the road circuits which are treacherous and rarely visited. Ever since I made my travel […]

Lovely smell of a road trip… Gurgaon Kanpur!

A travel blog of my drive from Gurgaon Kanpur via Yamuna Expressway and Agra Expressway.

How is Siliserh Lake a perfect secret picnic spot near Alwar?

Travel around 20 KMs from Alwar to Siliserh Lake to admire manmade lake. The Siliserh palace which is now converted into a Rajasthan tourism hotel offers majestic view of this lake.

Fourth Corner of India – The Great Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch Rann of Kutch: I wasn’t born to just pay the bills and die. I had always wanted to explore the world, well, if not the world, at least my country… India. The quest to explore my motherland planted a seed in my heart and with every passing year, a new leaf sprouted […]


Can Indians visit Pakistan for tourism? Pakistan Day 8: Hunza ValleyI had a full day to explore the beautiful Hunza valley Pakistan – the plan of the day was to explore Gojal Village, Passu Cones, Attabad Lake, and if possible Sost Border. I discussed this plan with the owner of the hotel. He suggested that […]


Can Indians visit Pakistan for tourism? PAKISTAN Day 6: Swat Valley – ChilasFalling raindrops on the windscreen and sunroof woke me up. The time was 05.30 hrs. It was pitch dark outside. Everyone seemed to be in their waterproof tents, sleeping peacefully. Other than falling raindrops noise, there was an eerie uncomfortable silence. Occasionally, there […]


Can Indians visit Pakistan for tourism? Pakistan Day 4: Swat ValleyI woke up with guilt. I should have been at Saidu Sharif already. But I must admit, I was feeling much better and the view of the Indus river from my room was mesmerizing. After a nice hot breakfast, I got ready to leave. Time […]


Can Indians visit Pakistan for tourism? Pakistan: Day 2: Lahore Local sightseeing I got up just before the morning Azaan call. The view of the city early morning was beautiful. It somehow resembled Delhi. The start of the winter chill, those misty mornings, those revealing streaks of sunlight from clouds…a white smoggy environment…mesmerizing. I was […]

Pangs of Partition… India-Pakistan (Part-1)

Can Indians visit Pakistan for tourism? “insāñ kī ḳhvāhishoñ kī koī intihā nahīñ do gaz zamīñ bhī chāhiye do gaz kafan ke baad”~KAIFI AZMI The above couplet means “There is no limit to the desires of Human. Not content with two yards of the shroud, he wants two yards of ground also [for burial]. This […]

Five deadly sins of driving …

Five deadly sins of driving Driving Sins 1) Multitasking – Texting, calling, fiddling with the car infotainment system.        Each one of us is a multitasker. In fact, we all encourage this trait..we need a jack of all trades, a chalta purza, someone who can do a plethora of tasks simultaneously. Consider cricket, […]

A Dream Vacation – Me, my love (Road Trip) and the Villain (Office Leaves)

A dream vacation to hills The dream vacation – I have made numerous road trips in India on various terrains, in a variety of cars, in different seasons. I have stayed both in shanties and luxurious hotels. On a few highways like the Yamuna Expressway, I love driving fast, while on a few treacherous ones […]

Ladakh – A Land Born lost…

Leh Ladakh – Khardung La – Pangong Lake Never had I imagined that I’d be going back to the Ladakh – The Land of Lama again in consecutive years. Ladakh is just like Vaishno devi visit… no one knows ki kab bulava aa jaaye…Last time, I had missed exploring Pangong Lake but this time, I […]